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Yeltzmen - A history of Halesowen Town FC 1873-2020

Yeltzmen: A History of Halesowen Town Football Club, 1873-2020 is a pre-eminent work of West Midlands footballing literature, detailing the entire span of the Yeltz 150-year history. From the ambiguity surrounding the club’s formation right up to the 2019/20 FA Trophy run, Benjamin Bullock and Matthew Ponter take you on a remarkable journey through several generations of Yeltz men and women. From the glory years to the hard times, the stalwarts and the rivals, financial troubles and cup glory: this book covers it all. But most importantly, Bullock and Ponter uncover the stories of players and supporters alike, in an attempt to unearth what it truly means to be a Yeltzmen.

RRP: £17.99 including UK delivery


Number of pages: approx. 170

Publisher: Halesowen Town FC Press

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